Renini was Nomarch and Overseer of the Priests of Nekhbet, in the reign of Amenhotep I, at the beginning of the 18th Dynasty.
His Tomb is EK 7 and is very simple, the quality of the reliefs are variable and many of the colours are good preserved.
Many members of his Family and Reletives are named in his Tomb.
The doorway is inscribed with the titles of Renini and also that his Tomb was given by Royal Favour.

Entrance of the Tomb.

The figures of Renini and his Mother Ahmose.
In front of them, is a offering table, the man at the ceremony are Sons of Renini,
Sendjhuty, Thuni, Neferhotep and Ahmose.

- -

In the next row Osiris and Anubis in the underworld behind them the Ceremony of "The Opening of the Mouth".

A Ceremony whith holy water, it is not sure, its Renini or a Priest

The Funeral Boats to and back from Abydos

Crying Women

At the bach of the Tomb, there is an almost destroid Statue of Renini