The small Temple built by Amenhotep III and Tuthmosis IV, his father, is a Chapel for the Barque of Nekhbet, when she was brought there.
The Temple was also dedicated to Hathor. The Temple was restored in the time of Ramses II, there is a text,
written by Khaemwaset, the son of Ramses II. The color of the reliefs are well preserved.

There is only a single chamber with four Hathor head columns.

At the left of the doorway, Amenhotep III and Tuthmosis IV are seated before offering tables.

At the right of the doorway also Amenhotep III and Tuthmosis IV

On the left wall Amenhotep III is offering, animals, birds, bread, fruit, wine and flowers.
And next Amenhotep III offers to Nekhbet, who is represented in the form of a Woman.
Behind is Horus of Hieraconpolis who gives Amonhotep III live.

On the south wall Amenhotep III is embraced by Amon-Ra,

The Sacred Barque and Offerings:

Nekhbet and Hathor everywere in the Temple:

Graffiti :

Beside the Temple remains of the outsite Columns :